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Tom Prasada-Rao: images

Prayer - Karan Simpson
Smile - Jayne Toohey
"I'm Listening" TPR & Cary Cooper - Jayne Toohey
The Wildwood Tofu Bar 1 - Larry Rumford
The Wildwood Tofu Bar 2 - Larry Rumford
with Gramps, Cary, and sleeping Hannah Kate, the night of our wedding at The Threadgill Theater, Kerrville
"What?" - Jayne Toohey
TPR in London 1977
TPR in Pune India 1978
with Rachel Bissex and Kristin DeWitt at Kerville
at the Vic Heyman tribute, Threadgill Theater Kerville - Neale Eckstein
with Mum and Gramps on the day of our wedding in Austin
Yearbook Picture '77, Newbold College - Bracknell, Berkshire, England
TPR, Sarah Jane, and Thurman the studio dog @ The Wildwood Tofu Bar - by Suzanne Madrid
TPR at Kerrville with Pat Wichtor, Annie Wenz, Freebo, and Karen Mal - by Neale Eckstein
at the summer solstice, white rock lake 2009